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Overview helps you and your team to review UI changes without manual tests on physical devices. Rapid feedback loops for a smoother development flow and less visual bugs.

UI snapshots creates an up-to-date UI gallery of your app. Providing the whole team with an always accurate overview of your app's screens and their most important states - on multiple devices. Simply invoke the Appviewer SDK from automated UI tests to capture screenshots.

Run it for selected screens during development to get fast team feedback without even sending out a test version.

Run it for PRs, RCs and when publishing to keep the UI gallery up-to-date and spot all changes - desired and undesired.

Live Event Monitor

Capture real-world test cases

Creating and maintaining test data for your UI test scenarios can be tedious. Our Live Event Monitor allows you to simply record the data from live behavior. Integrate the Appviewer SDK in your test releases and use your app as usual. As the events appear in the Live Event Monitor in our web app, you can select relevant ones as test cases. You can then query them during your test runs.

Observe & verify behavior

The Live Event Monitor is also great for generally providing your team with deeper insights into product behavior. Log your critical app events during development and testing, e.g. function calls, internal state or data exchanged with APIs or 3rd-parties. And everyone on your team can watch live to understand, verify and spot issues. More knowledge sharing - less back-and-forth, yay!

Captured events and data are displayed in the most user-friendly form. JSON is a primary citizen. And filtering was of course front-of-mind. Also sharing observed app behavior is as simple as sharing a url with the team, for further discussion, problem solving, or planning of change requests.

Getting Started

Our Android SDK and API are live and web and iOS integrations are on the roadmap.