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Get started with the Android SDK

The Appviewer Android SDK enables you to publish UI snapshots on Great to review UI changes without manual tests on physical devices. Rapid feedback loops for a smoother development flow and less visual bugs.
Also check out how you can log data in your test builds to use as real-world scenarios for your UI snapshots.
Follow the steps in this guide to set up your app for Appviewer.

Set up dependency

In your app module's build.gradle file

dependencies {
// ... your other dependencies
// Add the following if you are using the Appviewer SDK to capture data/logs for the Live Event Monitor
implementation "io.appviewer:appviewer-android:0.3.5"
// Add the following to capture snapshots from your UI tests and publish them to
androidTestImplementation "io.appviewer:appviewer-android:0.3.5"

The package is hosted in a private maven repository that you need to incl. in your project-level build.gradle (or your settings.gradle's dependencyResolutionManagement{}).


The required credentials can be found when signed in to (click the 🔑 icon in the top nav bar).

In your project-level build.gradle file

repositories {
// ... your other repositories, e.g. mavenCentral(), google(),...
maven {
url ""
credentials {
username = "abcdefgh-1234567"
password = "1234567-abcdefgh"